Ultra Realistic Deepfake People Faces

So I’ve been working on this website for over a month now trying to perfect generating super realistic human faces free to download. The purpose of this website is to test both my ability and how far I can push artificial intelligence to make it happen.

The results were astounding, to be honest, never have I believed in a million years will technology advance so far to the point where the gap between real and fake is thinner than a hair.

In case you didn’t get the memo, all faces on the website do not exist in real life. They are not real human beings and have been generated by ai.

[Checkout The Gallery]

Artificial intelligence has come a long way in the past few years. Deepfake is a real-time, open-source deep learning framework that uses neural networks to create realistic videos of people speaking. The most significant development was achieved by Nvidia Corporation with their new Turing chip architecture which allows for more than 500 trillion operations per second. This means that video generation can be done at an unprecedented rate and quality, opening up amazing possibilities for generating fake videos of public figures or even convincing fake news.

So What’s Next?

Will keep adding more to the gallery and optimizing website speed and performance, excited to see

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